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WinFlash Educator is the head of the WinFlash family. If you're looking for a program that will support virtually every idea you may have for the creation, use and evaluation of study materials, Educator should be your choice! Import content from existing information sources and export decks in Palm, PocketPC, iPhone, iTouch or BlackBerry-compatible formats. Study on-the-go with exported .mp3 files using your .mp3 player. See the Feature Comparison page for a side-by-side listing of the most important features of the WinFlash line. 

Educator is the must-have version for WinFlash users who maintain complex sets of study materials and are looking for more powerful and efficient deck editing, creation and merging tools. The ability to easily develop, administer and score "real" tests at home can be a great help to students needing more practice in test taking. Deck creators considering selling or simply distributing the content they've created will want the compilation/compression technology (with optional password protection) capabilities provided in Educator.

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New Features In Educator v12

Educator's Features:

  • Educator can import directly from text, delimited text, .csv, and columnar data on the Windows clipboard, allowing easier creation of study decks from already-existing materials. HandyCards and JTutor and gFlash files can be imported as well, making it easy to work with your smartphone
  • FlashcardExchange and HandyCards files can be opened directly, without importation steps
  • QuickDeck editing mode allows the fastest possible creation of text-only decks. Simply tab between Q and A and then on to the next pair
  • Educator can export to text, delimited text, HandyCards, JTutor files and gFlash .csv files - allowing you to study the materials created with Educator on multiple platforms
  • Educator has Text-To-Speech support - let your PC read your decks to you. Even more powerful - export your decks in .wav or .mp3 format for study when PC or smartphone text use is impractical
  • .Flz files now store all accompanying .fld settings within the .FLZ file itself. You no longer need include a .fld in order to set colors, fonts, etc. WinFlash creates a companion .fld for the .FLZ file the first time it is opened on the user's machine but does NOT transfer any pair statistics from the original .fld file removing the necessity of scrubbing the .fld file prior to including it in the distribution build
  • Introductions can have a sound file to accompany them
  • The Create Composite Source Files tool can convert all standard pairs to FIB pairs automatically. This allows using standard pairs for your decks to maintain flexibility in using the two new options below while being able to create source files for use in the creation of .FLT test files (whose pairs must all be automatically scoreable NON-standard pairs)
  • Run a standard-pair deck in multiple choice mode with the multiple choices automatically generated from the other pairs' answers - great for things like vocabulary, state capitals, etc.!
  • Run a standard-pair deck in fill-in mode with the required answer generated from the text portion of the standard pair. Similarly, run a deck created in fill-in mode as standard when you don't feel like typing in the answers!
  • Passworded access to the Educator features is provided as an option - this same password can also be required for access to the Options dialog. This allows installation of Educator on machines which will also be used to administer tests.
  • Powerful file creation feature (Educator|Create Composite Source File) merges pairs from two already-existing source decks. Filter by only including specific categories and/or specific pair characteristics (disabled, priority, unlearned, etc.). Pairs can be added to the output deck from the pairs that pass the filter criteria by manual selection and/or by specifying that a number of pairs passing the filter criteria shall be selected at random and added to the output deck.
  • The capability to create "compiled" .FLZ (study) files usable by all WinFlash versions. These files are compiled from .FLU (source) files and include ALL of the related multimedia and graphics files supporting the study deck as well as the .FLU file itself - all compressed in a single, easy-to-use and easy-to-distribute package. .FLZ files may be passworded if desired.
  • The ability to create .FLT (test) files usable by all WinFlash versions. .FLT files are similar to .FLZ files in that they are compiled from .FLU (source) files and include ALL of the related multimedia and graphics files supporting the study deck as well as the .FLU file itself. When opened, this type of file forces the program into Test Mode which includes:
    • Password, Student Name and Student ID entry for the test file
    • Display of "Introductory Message" containing any specific instructions for the test
    • Status Bar including:
      • Elapsed time display (if there is a time limit on the test)
      • Two minute warning" during timed tests
      • Display of currently-stored answer (for review)
      • Count of remaining unanswered questions
      • "Go To Next Unanswered Question"
      • Forward and Back browse buttons
  • Use rich text format (.rtf) introductions and pair supplemental files in your decks. This allows for mixed fonts, embedded graphics and other exciting OLE-based features such as equation editing in systems with Microsoft's Equation Editor available.
  • Advanced, printable, statistics allow the user to snapshot their own or their students' progress and to pinpoint areas of continued difficulty by category or by specific pair.
  • A backup utility allows a copy of all root-named files needed by the deck to be saved with BAK appended to the root name.
  • A delete utility assures that all root-named files associated with the deck are deleted when a deck is removed.
  • Educator will open .FLR result files created when closing the .FLT test file and provide the following information:
    • Student name
    • Name of test
    • Date test was administered
    • 8-character student ID identifying the test result file
    • Number of questions in the file
    • Number of correct answers
    • Number of skipped answers
    • Percentage score based on (Correct/Total)*100%
    • Percentage score based on ((Correct-Incorrect)/Total)*100%
View (5-column display) or print results array showing above statistics and one of two array options:
    A 3-column display in portrait format with question number, score and the actual answer given, if any. A 5-column display in landscape format with question number, score, question text, the actual answer given, if any and the correct answer.
    Print out formatted tests from the current .FLS file if a written exam format is needed. "Standard" pairs can be included in the printed tests (.FLT files must contain only Multiple-choice or Fill-in-the-blank pairs - easily filtered using the Create Composite Source File capability).

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Screen Shots of WinFlash Educator
To view the full-sized screen shots and read a brief description of the displayed screen's functionality, simply click on the thumbnail version below.
Question Dialog
A multiple-choice Question dialog, showing graphic and text content, status bar and answer input controls.
Answer Dialog
An Answer dialog, showing graphic and text content, status bar and session continuation controls.
Test-mode Question Dialog
A test-mode fill-in-the-blank Question dialog, showing graphic and text content and special test-mode status bar and answer input controls.
WinFlash Pair Editor
The built-in editor, open to one of the tabs used for inputting and editing Q&A pairs.
Composite Source File Tool The Composite Source File creation tool, showing the merging of content from two different source files.
Test/Study File Compiler The Test/Study File Compiler tool, showing the information input to create a .FLT test file.
Test File Result Viewer The Test File Result Viewer, displaying the results of a test contained in the encoded .FLR file.
Advanced Statistics Dialog Educator's statistics dialog - sortable by category or individual pair.

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