ProUpdater v5.0 - 39.95
Keep Your Computers Backed Up and "In Synch" Automatically! (You Know You Should!)

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Works with Win '9x, ME, NT, 2K or XP

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ProUpdater v5.0, Open Window's latest release of its file backup and synchronization program, makes it easy to set up a customized backup routine to protect your irreplaceable data files. In addition, the program handles the task of keeping your various machines "in synch". Using this double-threat capability, the user can set up a backup routine and a multiple-machine synchronization system with one review of their file system.

ProUpdater can handle up to 10000 directories, each containing up to 50000 files in a single "Update" operation. Using the Batch File mode, dozens of Update operations may be chained together and launched with a single button push. Because ProUpdater is designed to intelligently backup or synchronize only those files that have changed, it is extremely fast. A backup of thousands of files may be maintained in under a minute making it much less of a chore to keep your data safe. The program is also compatible with the Windows Task Scheduler and can be set to run automatically, accomplishing your backup and synchronization operations unattended.

ProUpdater will work with any Windows-compatible network and can be an indispensable tool for the harried network administrator. The program is perfect for the power user or IS professional with complex file synchronization and manipulation tasks, but its easy-to-use interface makes it an accessible tool for the average user as well.

With this program's help you can keep your home computer, work computer and laptop all up-to-date with the latest versions of your ever-growing legions of data files - all easily and without the hassle of cables or modem hookups. The extensive on-line help describes each step in setting up and using the program in complete detail.

ProUpdater can be configured to perform backup operations, directory re-alignment operations, general multi-computer "house-cleaning" and a host of other tasks requiring efficient operation on files based on their names, extensions, sizes, ages and attributes.

Most options may be stored on a directory-by-directory basis, within the source directory itself, assuring that the appropriate settings will always be used when servicing that particular directory.

ProUpdater supports any media recognized by Windows as a writeable disk drive. In general, it does NOT support most tape-based backup hardware.

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