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WinFlash Scholar offers enhanced capabilities including the ability to print out your flashcards in table form or as "real", individual, flashcards for use while you're "on the go", built-in spell checking support and Cheers and Jeers to keep you amused and motivated while studying. This latest release makes construction and use of on-screen card decks a pleasure! See the Feature Comparison page for a look at the important features of the various versions.

Scholar offers powerful multimedia support while retaining its ability to quickly and easily turn out study decks for last-minute use. Master the program using the accompanying step-by-step tutorial.

Scholar's learning algorithms help you thoroughly master the study material. The program tracks your progress and focuses attention on those questions causing difficulty while continuing to reinforce areas of strength. Build your enthusiasm with speed challenges, reverse-order passes and the entertaining Cheers and Jeers audio feature.

Support your basic content with audio files, graphics and video clips. Choose from standard, fill-in or multiple choice question formats. Scholar has multiple-required-answer capabilities for BOTH fill-in and multiple choice. Programmable Glossary Buttons make it easy to enter accented characters needed for foreign language study, speeding both creation and study phases. The built-in spell-checking can even import your existing Microsoft custom dictionaries. Additional foreign language dictionaries are available for free download.

WinFlash has been repeatedly recognized as the leading program of its type, winning the Shareware Industry Award for Best Educational Program, the Educational Shareware Cooperative's People's Choice and 5-star rankings from many popular download sites.

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New Features In Scholar v12:

Scholar's Features:

  • A new pair type - a modification of the fill-in-the-blank type - can handle up to six answers within a single pair. This makes it ideal for use in foreign language study of verb conjugation, but also has many other possible uses. Optionally check for the order of the answers given
  • Check your decks with a powerful Spell Checker and Thesaurus - you can even use your already-created Microsoft Word custom dictionaries. Download additional free dictionaries for use with many other languages - including British (definitely another language :-)), French, German and Spanish as well as specialized dictionaries for technical, medical and legal use
  • Table-style view of the deck has been added to the editor - complete with keys for what features are used in each pair
  • Sophisticated Search and Replace tool usable in both study mode and edit mode
  • Printing of flashcards, tables and tests has been greatly enhanced:
    * Offset adjustment allows you to correct for printer alignment differences
    * Print preview feature lets you quickly check your output
    * Single cards of arbitrary size (3x5, 4x6, etc.) can now be printed - real flashcards!
    * 1x2, 1x3, 2x2, 2x3, 2x4 and 2x5 formats supported on standard pages
    * Printer font and screen font settings now stored separately - no need to switch back and forth
    * Optional cut lines for multi-card sheets
    * Horizontal and vertical centering options for text cards
    * Long pairs now continue from page to page when printing out tables
  • The popular Cheers & Jeers feature now supports up to 50 different cheers and jeers
  • The One Pass|Ask All Pairs Equally Often mode now supports multiple reruns - each one showing only the misses from the previous pass
  • Programmable Glossary Buttons have been added to the Question and Answer panels of the editor and to the Fill-In-The- Blank entry dialog. These 10 buttons can each be assigned to ANY character or character string (up to 300 characters) contained in the selected font. This is of great help in studying foreign languages which require accented characters that are not normally accessible from the keyboard. There are 9 independent sets of button codes, allowing for 90 character strings to be programmed for BOTH Q's and A's.
  • A backup utility has been added, allowing a copy of all root-named files needed by the deck to be saved with BAK appended to the root name.
  • A delete utility assures that all root-named files associated with the deck are deleted when a deck is removed.

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Screen Shots of WinFlash Scholar
To view the full-sized screen shots and read a brief description of the displayed screen's functionality, simply click on the thumbnail version below.

Question Dialog
A multiple-choice Question dialog, showing graphic and text content, status bar and answer input controls.
Answer Dialog
An Answer dialog, showing graphic and text content, status bar and session continuation controls.
Test-mode Question Dialog
A test-mode fill-in-the-blank Question dialog, showing graphic and text content and special test-mode status bar and answer input controls.
WinFlash Pair Editor
The built-in editor, open to one of the five tabs used for inputting and editing Q&A pairs.


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